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From the private collection of James Hough, current land speed record holder with Team Confederate!  This X-132 Prototype will soon be featured in the latest installment from the Fast and Furious movie franchise, Hobbs and Shaw. 


Designed by Ed Jacobs, this handcrafted machine is the original template of the limited productiopn 3rd generation Confederate Hellcat, the iconic X-132 Hellcat and the X-132 Hellcat Combat; the fastest and most dominent of all v-twins. This bike has been extensively bench tested and scrutinized by S&S Cycle; field tested by Confederate and featured in a number of promotions. 


Pay in Full or Reserve now with an initial $5,000 credit card deposit.  Reservation payments are non-refundable. The balance is due prior to shipping or delivery. You will receive an email on the following business day containing your invoice along with wire instructions.


Included: Conceriege Delivery Service. 90 Day Factory Warranty / Unlimted Miles on Parts.


Please reach out to us 24 hours a day at (844) 448-7132 with any questions you may have regarding the reservation.


Concierge Delivery:  For customers taking delivery in the contiguous United States, we offer complimentary door-to-door concierge delivery via the Confederate Motorcycles transport vehicle.


Air Freight:  For customers taking delivery outside the contiguous United States, we ship the motorcycle in a custom-built shipping crate via Air Freight. World wide crating and shipping service to your local airport hub - $3,200 USD. (Some restrictions may apply)


Factory Pickup:  If you would like to meet the designers and craftsmen behind your machine, you may pickup your motorcycle directly from our factory in Birmingham, Alabama. There is no cost for this option, but you are responsible for riding/transporting from the factory to its final destination.


Note: You may choose your preferred delivery method at any time after your reservation is placed.

2012 X-132 Hellcat Prototype #1